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Chris Kasper, America, and Thousands of Toothless People

I spent a good part of yesterday (every waking second, minus 1 hour) with my good neighbor friend from around the corner and 13 years ago. No, not Mr. Rogers. I’ll call him Jack, for all intents and purposes. I … Continue reading

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Fight The Hate Pollution; No Six-Pack-Plastic-Garbed Dolphin Ever Gave Up, And Neither Should We.

Most evenings, my parents and I will sit down in our musky family room and entertain ourselves with a viewing of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. My dad will kick back in his blue leather man-seat with a gin martini … Continue reading

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Who Am I? Why Am I Here? And Where Did My Desk Go?

Sometimes I feel like I peaked in the third grade. Or I was just sat in my little chair, writing some brilliant story about romantic relationships between different geometric shapes like I would do when I was a smart little … Continue reading

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