I Have Too Much Stuff.

The most recent life adventure I recall embarking on is the hunt for normalcy, or at least a dose of it.

Today, I have reached what I believe will be the climax of this adventure (wherein anxiety is the antagonist and normalcy is the goal). I am choosing not to be crippled by discomfort.

Much of my life-halting vexation is rooted in my bedroom. I have too much stuff. I have stuff everywhere. I have stuff on, under, around, and probably above my bed. And I don’t see the TLC program ‘Hoarders’ as an ideal introduction to the world of television.

My stuff is like a swarm of jellyfish. It swallows me, distracts me from getting things done, and generally depresses me.

I have been sinking deep into a transparent sea filled with these self-procured jellyfish monsters of apprehension for about 7 years now. Once in a while, I will wriggle free and come up for air. But most times, when the jellyfish get to stingin’ I admit defeat. Why be a certified lifeguard if you can’t save yourself too?

I need to get rid of my stuff. I have 3 garbage bags and I am starting today.

For the sake of this project’s completion, please do not comment or react until I have announced its fulfillment.

And if you feel concerned regarding the tone of this post, please do not fret; For I am full of positive energy. Just not when I am at home, surrounded by all of this stuff.

About Megan

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac, Dharma Bums
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